DN Blackbook – $50 into $3,000 in 24h!

Name: DNBLACKBOOK by Rami Steitieh

Price: $297 (Click here to join).

Ideal for: Everyone that wants to profit from the Buy & Sell Domain Niche

Does it Work?

Yes! Domaining is like real estate in a sense. The property is a Domain name like CarInsurance.com or PrivateJet.com which are huge Real Estate properties!
These domains sold for $49.7 million resp. $30.18 million and the cost to get them was only around $10. So, yes – it can be very profitable to own the right domains!

Why do I Recommend This Training?

This is a low investment, high return concept. You find domains for $10-$50 and sell them for $300 and up ( the sky is the limit as you can see above).

So, I recommend this training because you don’t have to spend a lot to get started and with the training, you will be able to buy a good domain name for $10 that you can flip for profit! The training will guide you through the concept from research to sale! Even if you never seem to find a good domain, you can always email Rami and he will give you all the feedback you need before you buy the domain. In fact, he will tell you if it is a go or no go, so you don’t have to guess when you buy the domain names.

Let me give you 4 reasons why recommend DN BlackBook to ANYONE who wants to succeed with domaining:

1. Rami Steitieh

I never met a product creator who is so dedicated to the success of his students! You can reach to him for help in his FB group and on email both. Whenever you feel stuck, he is always there to assist you. I even made a video about him. You can take a moment and watch it below:

2. Price Point

This course is very reasonably priced; it will set you back just under $300 which in my mind is a steal! I have talked with Rami about this price point many times and his response was that he wanted as many people possible to benefit from this training and be successful in domaining, so he went for the lowest price tag in order to make it affordable to pretty much anyone. And yes, I believe him!

3. Straightforward, In-depth Training 

This training is easy to digest and understand. Rami’s voice is like music to the ears and he makes it all very easy to understand. I have encountered other training programs that like to speed things up and rush through the modules fast, and you end put having to re-watch them over and over. That is not the case with Rami; he is easy to follow and has the perfect tempo. When something is super important, he takes the time to point out that a certain segment is of great importance and should not be missed.

4. Done Domains

If you have a hard time to research and find good domain names there is a way to buy already researched domain names directly from Rami at almost cost! Rami has special servers and scripts that he uses to buy domains that are within his rules. You can buy these domains directly from Rami every month. I will not go into more details as I know this option was only valid for a short period when I joined the program. But, if you buy this training from this page, I will twist his arm a bit to make sure the offer is included for Profitmaker readers as well!

Also, see Bonus below!

This training Cost only $297 (one time fee), its really good value for money!

Facebook Group

Rami has his own Private Facebook group attached to this training as well, where he actively answers all questions you might be having!

DNBlackBook Pros & Cons:


  • Great Valued Course; only $297
  • Simple to follow, step-by-step training with tutorials and videos
  • Very newbie friendly
  • Provides top-notch support
  • Gives you Done-For-You, already researched domains for purchase if you get stuck finding them yourself
  • 24-7 FB forum support if you have any questions
  • Low investment to start buying domains, around $10


  • It can take some time to sell the domains you get, Rami shares a mindset that you have 4 quarters in the year you own the domain. Each quarter has its own tasks to do. This way you will know what to do in certain time during the year of registration ( Domains always register for a minimum 1 year) This means you will not have to put more money in it until the year has passed. This is plenty of time to sell the domain, and if you did your research it will sell fast!!

I will share some of my OWN results with you guys here in my blog

Only 24 hours later

As you can see i had a lot of great result with this training.

Here is another sales screen shoot

Only 3 days apart!!

And one day I literally almost fell of my chair, actually, I just woke up I could not believe what I was seeing!

Unfortunately, this did not go all the way to a sale, but that’s a story for another day.

Final Rating: 4.7 of 5

My final thoughts:

DNBlackBook is without a doubt a top recommendation and good value for the money because of the reasons I stated above. If you’re looking to profit from the world of domaining, this is for sure the place to be. Stop looking and join this training now!

Join it today

If you have ANY questions about this training or if you’re a current member and would like to leave your personal review, you can do so in the comments section below.

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