Best Online Program of 2019, How Does It Work ?

Wealty Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University by Kyle & Carson.

Price: $0 starter program (Click here to join for free). Also optional Premium program $49 a month.

Ideal for: Complete beginners and up to advanced level.

Does it work? Yes, This program  will really work and you will never be alone while doing it, avarage responstime is minutes, 24/7 support team live chat functions.

Why it’s my #1 recommendation:

Call me bias if you want, but after
reviewing/trying several hundreds of different programs that all promise to make you rich
online and nearly all of them being scams/garbage ending up on my hard drive as digital dust, the only program
that still continues to deliver REAL results for me is Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me give you 4 reasons I recommend WA to ANYONE who wants to succeed at making money online:

1. It’s free to join. See for yourself. No Credit Cards, no personal info, no risk.

2. The support is TOP NOTCH.
You get help 24-7 in this program. Even the creators are active and offers help on a daily basis. Many programs I’ve tried, does not even offer Support or refuse to come to a solution to your problems.

Having someone to help you is
absolutely vital to success online. You can and will have questions and
when that happens, you need someone who will be there to answer them.

In WA, you can ask/post any questions which will get answered almost immediately. There is also an online chat available 24-7. There are always members around who are actively helping other members (including myself).

Join WA. Then stop by and say hello in the chat

3. It’s really a great program for becoming successful online. Too
often I see people searching for the “next best thing” in making money
online whether it be expensive training or just hopelessly bouncing from
product to product looking at it like a lottery ticket. This is WRONG
and only leads to failure.

The secret to making money online is
this: Proper guidance. This is exactly what you get in WA and there’s no
reason to find something elsewhere, because what you learn within WA is
up to date and legitimate. Most importantly, it works.

4. Legitimacy.  This program teaches you honest ways to make money online via helping people while
doing what you love. It really comes down to these 4 steps.

Want me to help you personally succeed with Wealthy Affiliate? Join here!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is a
training program that teaches you to build an online business. This
could be based on a personal interest/hobby/passion/expertise you have
or if it’s none of these, they show you exactly what you need to do in
order to make consistent money online.

Now creating an online business isn’t
scary at all. In fact, it’s fun and you can do it on your own time. The
end result through the training at WA is that by building your online
business, you can earn enough money to either:

  • Quit your job.
  • Supplement your current income.
  • Have more free time to yourself.
  • Spend more time with your family.

And basically get to do the things
you want in your life and not be held down by anyone. In short:
Financial freedom. As I said earlier, I’ve
experienced great results implementing what they
teach. Though how much you can earn varies, one thing I can promise you
is that if you implement what they teach, you will get results.

I’m not the only one seeing success, plenty of members are too. Here’s a screenshot:


Want to learn how to replicate this? Join WA for free and find out.

How WA works:

There is a lot of training within WA that teaches you various ways to make money online. All the way from A-Z. But if you’re completely new, the best way to start is through their Get Started Here section. This takes you through the meat & potatoes of building an online business from scratch.

Even if you have NO idea about what you
want to build an online business out of, the training will show an
optional path you can take in which you learn to make money in a
specific market.

Long story short: Begin with the “Training”
section. Click it and it will take you to the “Getting Started”
training. This will guide you through everything and answer all of your
questions. Here is how the training section looks:

How the training helps you make money online:

The training is broken down into 4
different parts. Each part has step-by-step lessons which you’ll follow.
They are all focused on building a profitable online business. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose an interest: This
is the starting point. While it can be anything you want, it is
recommended to pick a topic that you personally have interest in. When I
began doing online marketing with WA, I chose the diet & fitness
topic because I have personal experience & interest with.

2. Make a website: With WA, you don’t need any experience in making websites.
They actually give you 2 free websites which are yours to do with as
you please. The sites are pre-built and coded so you don’t need to worry
about anything. You just select a name for the website & how you
want it to look. The process takes less than 30 seconds (I’ve timed it).

Note:  The key is to use the training from WA and apply it to the free websites you’re given.

3. Get visitors: In
order to make money online, your website needs to get traffic
(visitors). The more you get, the more money you can make. Through WA’s
training, you’ll learn how to get visitors to your website interested in the subject you chose.

4. Make money: You’ll promote products on your site and when visitors come and buy, you earn money.


  • For step 1, I chose teaching dogs tricks as a subject.
  • For step 2, I’d make a website focused on that subject.
  • For step 3, I’d get visitors to my site interested in this topic.
  • For Step 4 (the money part), I could
    promote products from other places like Amazon (books, training DVDs,
    dog training accessories, ect…) and earn money every time a visitor
    purchased these things from my site.

Join WA today, for free and I’ll personally help you to succeed with these 4 steps.

There are literally millions of
different subjects to choose from to earn money with. Each subject has a
large amount of people interested in it who look for information on it
on a daily basis.

By having a website with that
information on it, you can leverage this and earn money in the process.
This is exactly what WA will teach you to do, even if you have no prior
experience with this stuff. The amount you can make is really limitless.

How long does it take to see results?

time to see resultsIf you take action on the training given, you can start seeing results within a few weeks. I’ve tried WA’s approach to online business on various sites. With ones with less competition, a few weeks is usually when you start seeing results. They aren’t big (at first), but it’s a starting point that only grows.

With more competitive niches, typically 3-6 months.

Are there faster ways to see results? Yes & no. Most programs which promise fast results use shady methods of marketing which only work in the short run and then your site gets penalized by Google & other search engines.

The training at WA is completely straight forward and focused on long term results. The BEST thing you can do to see the fastest possible results is work at it everyday.

Take action and apply small things on a daily basis. This will bring about results the fastest way possible, but focus less on making money and more so building a business. There’s a BIG difference.

So if you’re here to make make a quick buck, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not happening. Not with WA & not with any other program out there. And any place which promises you this is a scam. Take it from someone whose stepped on that rake MANY times.

There are people making
4,5,6 and even 7 figure incomes doing this stuff and they’ve reached
this point because they followed through the training.

WA also features a Premium Membership that’s available for $49 a month. This is basically an all-access type pass into the program:

Free membership (Starter) vs Premium:

Starter: Starter
members (free) get access to communicate with the community, including
Kyle and Carson (both for 7 days), get 2 free websites and also access
to the Get Started Here training.

Premium: I very often
get asked about the premium membership and want to explain it here. It’s
optional, costs $49/month, but it provides access to everything within
WA including:

  • 24-7, 365 support. To myself, every member and the founders. You get this as a starter for the first 7 days.
  • You can make up to 25 free websites.
  • Free hosting for up to 25 of your own websites.
  • Weekly webinars covering all aspects of making money online to further help you. There’s over 300.
  • 1 on 1 coaching & support from WA’s creators, Kyle & Carson.
  • Access to 100’s of training tutorials.

There’s obviously a lot of benefits, but my advice is to try the starter membership
(which is free) and see if you enjoy what you learn. If you do and want
to go further, then I’d recommend the Premium membership.

No one is ever pushed into premium.
It’s all a matter of if you feel comfortable. Only try premium if you’re
happy with WA. It is optional and you are welcome to stay as a free
member as long as you like 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate’s Pros & Cons:


  • Provides all forms & levels of internet marketing training.
  • Simple to follow step-by-step training with tutorials and videos.
  • Very newbie friendly.
  • Provides excellent support.
  • Gives you 2 free websites.
  • Costs $0 to join (no funny business, no risk). Join here.
  • Gives you access to top level internet marketers and support.
  • 24-7 online chat if you have any questions.
  • One of the few places where you learn to make money legitimately.
  • This is the most ethical program I have ever come across.


  • Possible information overload usually happens for first timers, but this vanishes quickly.

Final Rating: Wealthy Affiliate gets a 5.0 Score

Green Light (My #1 recommendation).

5 out of 5 Stars across the board.
Highest rated program I’ve ever tried and made money from. It’s legitimate, beginner
friendly and the support is amazing. This is the program that will make
you GOOD money online if you use it.

If you want to succeed online, here’s my BEST advice:

Try the starter membership and go through the training. There are NO risks and if you don’t like what you see, you can leave anytime you want, without being obligated. And even then, you’ll still have 2 websites to do with as you please.


That special bonus explained: If you join today, I’ll personally help & coach you:

In addition to the awesome training and community, I want to personally assist you when you join.

Here are the benefits:

1) You get coaching from a 9+ year veteran and a full time earner (no extra cost, it’s included in your membership).

Not many people can make these claims. But I can (you saw the income proof above) and I will help you do the same.

2) You can contact me anytime within WA.
I respond very quickly to all questions and help people become
successful. I’ve helped many people get up and

My final thoughts:

WA is without a doubt my #1
recommendation for many of the reasons I stated above. If you’re looking
to make an extra buck online or perhaps go further and do it full time
like me, this is by far the best place to show you exactly how to do it.
Join it today.

The key to success is utilizing proper
guidance (which WA provides & my coaching adds to) and taking
action. With these ingredients, I promise that you will see results.

If you have ANY questions about WA or
if you’re a current member would like to leave your personal review, you
can do so below in the comments section below.

This is my rating of this product.
I rate Training Quality, Support Quality, Beginner Friendly, Success Stories,Personal Recommendation!

Training Quality
Support Quality
Success Stories
Beginner Friendly
Personal Recommendation

Author: Jim, Profitmaker

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